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justin bieber cameo appearance on the simpsons

Justin Bieber – Simpsons cameo appearance

Justin Bieber is briefly acknowledged in a Cameo Appearance on the “The Simpsons”. Justin played himself in the episode, “The Fabulous Faker Boy” and was simultaneously added to a long list of the worlds biggest celebrities that have been endorsed by the show in either a positive or a negative light.

Just the mention of the Bieber’s name on The Simpsons  (which is arguably one of the biggest and most successful adult/teens cartoon show of our generation), is an indication that Justin Bieber’s celebrity status is perhaps as big as it gets.

However, unlike other full episodes of the Simpsons, this one has peaked the interest of beliebers who will most likely take a closer look at forthcoming Simpsons full episodes to see/hear if this becomes a trend of the popular show.

Although this snippet of  “The Fabulous Faker Boy” episode wouldn’t fall into the category of Justin Bieber videos per say, you can place it in the justin bieber facts column of his ever growing long list of great accomplishments.

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